What’s going on around here? (Winter 2015 edition)

Since our last update, we've been busy. What are we up to?
  • Thanking you! In case you ever wonder whether your end-of-year donation makes a difference......this year's holiday/year-end donors gave a whopping 15% of our annual budget, with 350 donors contributing a remarkable $88,000 through donations large and small.

THANK YOU, Food For Free supporters, for your generosity and commitment to rescuing food that fights hunger!

We've also:
  • Added a new food donor: Chipotle Fresh Pond. Dilemma: If you use fresh ingredients everyday, there's gonna be some waste in the name of freshness. Solution: Prepared Food Rescue to the, ehrm...rescue!

We're now picking up from Chipotle in Fresh Pond and delivering to Malden Bread of Life's Motel Meals outreach program. The lean protein sources (chicken, beef, etc.) are proving very popular with the folks who receive the food.

  • Added three new food pantries. We're now delivering to:
    • two pantries operated by Vinfen, which promotes recovery and provides support for people with mental health/psychiatric conditions,
    • a new pantry operated by Homeowner's Rehab, a Cambridge-based organization that helps place low-income people who have lost their homes.
  • Revised our Home Delivery routes to make them more efficient. Boxes prepped for Home DeliveryOur new delivery routes will save time and fuel by better organizing client deliveries by neighborhood.

(Psst...want to volunteer? Home Delivery shifts are among our most popular!)

  • Changed our fiscal year. (It's now July 1-June 30.) 2014-2015-calendarWhat does that mean for you? Not much, except that donors won't be receiving our annual report in the mail until Fall 2015. What does it mean for us? A more effective, more accurate budgeting process. Read more about it right here.

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