What we’re up to: improving operations

Simon, our lead Home Delivery Driver, models the tablet for our new operations system, which allows our drivers to track food received and delivered in realtime: Simon with operations

Why is this important?

We've tracked the food we rescue, purchase, and deliver since Food For Free's inception in the early 1980s, but the new system offers many advantages over our old methods. "The new system is great because it allows us to track in real-time how much food we are picking up and delivering: 'How much food did we deliver to a particular pantry last week? Last month? Last year?' This system will give us more control to ensure we're hitting our targets and and honoring our commitments," says Sasha Purpura, Food For Free's Executive Director. "Plus, over time, the data we collect will help us understand trends over time, allowing us to make more informed strategic decisions." The new system also saves a lot of time for our bookkeeper, Operations Manager, and Executive Director, reducing overhead staff time while also tracking information more accurately—great for our program, great for our budget.

What makes this possible?

We have an incredibly loyal donor base, which gives us the financial stability we need to make improvements to better serve our clients. When you make a donation, you are helping us improve our systems so that we can deliver more fresh food to more people in need. Thank you!
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