We’re expanding our board!

We have an exciting announcement: Food For Free is currently seeking to expand our board so that we can further our mission while building on our values and strengths. We've invited Frank Rizzo, of FocalPoint Coaching New England to give you an outsider's perspective on board membership at Food For Free. Frank has been assisting our Executive Director and board with strategic planning and has some great insights to share about our strengths, growth trajectory, and what it's like to work with Food For Free:

Where is Food For Free right now?

Frank Rizzo: The board and staff of Food For Free have, for thirty plus years, quietly grown their mission forward. They serve as connectors within their community and foster community wellbeing. Certainly food rescue energizes their mission. And just as certainly, community engagement propels it. The organization is mature and has developed organically, identifying need, finding resources, and adding programs.

Why is now such an exciting time to join the Food For Free board?

FR: The new food waste ban creates a challenging and exciting opportunity for Food For Free. Substantial volumes of food, including nutritious prepared food, are now available. To fully realize this opportunity, Food For Free will need to develop new partnerships and collaborations with others in the community that support new programs and processes for distributing all this food.

We're excited to build on our strengths while planning future growth.

To do this, we need to hear from you!

Food For Free seeks board applicants who are passionate about food insecurity and environmental wellbeing. This organization is deeply rooted in its community and passionate about community wellbeing. New regulations bring great challenge and great opportunity to grow our mission. Striding forward, we remain committed to building on financially solid footings. We seek folks who have entrepreneurial chops—who can help us envision opportunity, articulate next steps, adjust as necessary and work with just-in-time resources. We seek folks who are filled with compassion for those who face food insecurity, who are thrilled that nutritious food that would otherwise be composted is instead bounty for those who need it—and are jazzed about fund-raising for this worthy cause. We seek folks who are willing to bring their own particular skills and connections to the table. A few examples:
  • Are you skilled at developing and organizing donors and/or volunteers?
  • Can you make the case for big gifts confidently?
  • Are you a connector?
  • Do you have fast-track access to the right set of ears in government?
  • Are you connected to university administrators who will recognize goodwill opportunities to pay food rescue services?
  • Do you have a platform to speak to the issues of food waste and food insecurity and health?
  • Do you have access to large donors or grant funding organizations that will support our mission?
Interested? Send a résumé and letter of interest to board@foodforfree.org.
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