Welcome, Santana!

Jose Santana

Our newest driver, José Santana!

We are pleased to welcome our newest member to the Food For Free Family: our newest driver, José Santana, joined the team in October...and just in time!
Our new third vehicle: the Food For Free van!

Our new third vehicle: the Food For Free van!

Earlier that month, Food For Free purchased our third vehicle. With a growing fleet, we needed someone who could take on the task of driving this new van and accepting special food rescue missions: on-demand pickups, special deliveries, and other food rescue work that doesn’t fit into the busy schedules of the Big Truck and Little Truck. Fortunately for us, our veteran driver, Julio, knew just the right guy: someone who had volunteered for us in the past and was literally part of the family, none other than his brother-in-law, Santana!

Sasha welcomes Santana

Don’t be confused; José actually goes by his last name, so feel free to shout out “Hey, Santana!” next time you see him out driving the trucks. In just a few short weeks, Santana has mastered the pickup schedule for our new Prepared Food Rescue Program, currently piloting at all of Harvard’s fourteen dining halls. Prior to working at Food For Free, Santana was a prep chef at Whole Foods Markets for many years. Since he helps pick up at all of the stores in Cambridge and Somerville, his history has been a huge advantage, as he already knows everyone at all of the stores. As Operations Director Kelly Worrall tells us, "Besides being one of the hardest working guys I know, he is always smiling, polite, and eager to help. Watch out, Carlos...with talents like that, you better hope that our Santana doesn’t also learn to play a guitar!" Please join us in welcoming Santana!  He always has an extra seat in the new van and would be happy to have you join him on his next special food rescue mission. Email Operations Director Kelly for more info!
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