Welcome, Kelly!

Kelly Worrall In the year since I joined Food For Free as Executive Director, we've done a lot of to improve, expand, and plan for the future of Food For Free. Today, I am so excited to welcome a new team member who will be key in our continued work and growth: our new Operations Director, Kelly Worrall! Kelly has been volunteering with Food For Free for two years now – helping out with Home Delivery, Field of Greens, and at events – but clearly volunteering wasn’t enough!

A brand-new role

Operations Director is a brand-new role at Food For Free and opens up all sorts of opportunities for us. Kelly will be spending a lot of time on the trucks, getting to know all of our recipient agencies and food donors. With Kelly’s oversight, we hope to get a much more comprehensive understanding of who needs and/or can take what and when and get far more strategic in our movement of food. Simon with operationsKelly will get to know our relatively new online food tracking database. We look forward to her data analysis and ideas on how to better use the information we now have so readily available.

Planning for the future

We expect to see a lot more prepared foods with the coming of the Massachusetts food waste ban in October and we’re counting on Kelly to get us ready! kelly big truckShe’ll also be on the trucks, in the coolers, and at our donor and recipient sites with our operations team – Dennis, Simon, Christian, Dan, Adam, and Julio – solving problems as they arise and creating solutions that the whole team can work with. This will also free up my time to focus on the future: the upcoming food waste ban, partnerships in the community, and new program potential.

From chemistry to food rescue, and beyond!

In joining Food For Free, Kelly has made a significant change in her career. With a degree in chemistry from Wheaton College, she most recently provided customer service and application support in the field for 500 customers in her role as a Senior Field Automation Engineer at TECAN, a global manufacturer of liquid handling robotics for automating laboratory processes. She brings incredible intelligence, excellent leadership and problem-solving skills, field logistics and client management,  a contagiously positive outlook, and two years of hands-on knowledge of Food For Free. We have no doubt Kelly will be key in helping us move into the next phase of bridging the gap between waste and want! Please join me in giving Kelly a warm welcome next time you see her out on the trucks or at one of our events! Sasha Purpura Executive Director
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