We Did It!

3SQ-8654 Thanks to a group of 20 riders/fundraisers and a total of over 200 supporters, we were able to raise over $13,000 through the Three Squares New England Ride for Food! Here's what's so cool about that... Because of this event, we are able to expand our Home Delivery Program! beginning in January, we will be able to add a second monthly delivery of fresh groceries to over 80 Cambridge residents who live alone, have limited resources, and are elderly or disabledJanuary Home Delivey boxes. Right now, we deliver once a month. On average, the food lasts 2 weeks. These folks struggle through the month to eat, and particularly to eat healthfully - something many of us do every day without thinking about it. Thanks to our riders and the over 200 people who lent their financial support, we can expand the program. I find myself saying "thank you" so often in my role at Food For Free. And I am always looking for better words. "Thank you" is important, but it is said so often, and somehow I want to say "No... I MEAN it!".  I want to say more than thank you to our riders and supporters. I want to let them know that they are truly making a difference. It is because of these people, and the so many others like them that support us year round, that real people are able to access the fresh fruits and vegetables that I, at least, have often taken for granted. charlotteThank you Charlotte and James for getting on your bikes for Food For Free. Charlotte - we appreciate your work on the board of Boston Area Gleaners, hope you enjoyed the day, and hope you can build a great team for your organization next year! JoannaThanks to our own dear board member Joanna who dared the 50 mile ride on a fixed gear bike!! You, Joanna, are my hero...   IMG_2996Thank you Chris! from our partners Metro Pedal Power. When I first asked you to ride, you pointed out that riding your bike is your job, not your hobby - yet you stepped up, raised good money, and nailed the 50 mile! richie and lynnThank you uncle Richie and aunt Lynn. And cousin Rachel and Adam... You guys showed me that family will represent! You made a grand showing at the ride, and brought love, laughter, and a bit of sarcasm. v and tVeronica - VB... planning for the 25 mile and going for the 50! Good for you! I'm grateful for the time you put into this ride, your work 'rallying the troops', and for keeping me going when I thought the work was too much. I'm so glad it was such a positive experience for you! Thank you Paul Cannon - you came to us out of the blue and quickly became our top fundraiser! You gained us our one sponsor and clearly took your role in this ride seriously. We hope you can join us next year. Thank you Wenzday, Paul Carter, Maura, Jason, Laura and Edward, and Tim. I don't have pictures of you all, but you were critical to our success. Some of you I strong-armed, and some of you just turned up one day as a part of our team. You made this effort worthwhile and are the reason we reached our goal. So who's down for next year?!?  If you're interested in joining the 2014 Team Food For Free let us know by checking the box on our volunteer page.  Next year is gonna be a party... And there's still time to give. We have until October 15th to complete our fundraising. There will be a bonus pool distributed to all pantries who raised over $10,000, based on how much they raised. So each dollar you donate will go a bit further. thank you all again!
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