The Feinstein Challenge

The Alan Shawn Feinstein Foundation's 14th annual Spring Campaign to Fight Hunger began on March 1. Food For Free is once again participating. From the Feinstein Foundation's press release: "For the 14th consecutive year, Alan Shawn Feinstein will divide $1 million among hunger fighting agencies nationwide using it to help them raise funds this March and April." The Feinstein Foundation stipulates that "only donations or pledges received from March 1st to April 30th, from use of the Feinstein Challenge, should be counted." If you have received a funding appeal from Food For Free this month, any donation you make in response will be included in our Feinstein Challenge totals---whether you choose to give by mail or online. If you have not received a funding appeal from us and would like to make a Feinstein Challenge donation, simply go here to make a credit card donation. When asked for your address, type "Feinstein Challenge" in the "Company" box and we'll know to count your donation toward the Feinstein Challenge. Thank you for your support! --Michelle
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