Thank you, 1369 Coffee House!

Thanks for inviting us to the party, 1369! On Saturday, January 26, to celebrate its twentieth anniversary, 1369 Coffeehouse hosted an Open House with live music and free food and beverages all day. In lieu of payment, 1369 accepted donations on behalf of Food For Free and our friends down the street, On The Rise. Later that day, 1369 threw a party for its staff and friends at the Middle East, with more live music, food, and drink. And, once again, Josh and the gang found a way to benefit the community. All proceeds from the raffle that night will go to Food For Free and On the Rise. Thank you Josh, Kelly, and everyone at 1369 for including us in your celebration. Thank you, too, for being a great neighbor, and for all of the tasty, tasty lattes that have kept us happy and productive over the years. 1369 Anniverary I'll be over in an hour for another. --Michelle
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