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Fresh veggies for families at one of our school-based programs.

Do you relish the year-end giving season? Is charitable giving part of how you celebrate, a way to bring your family together around what you value? Or, is supporting your favorite charities yet one more thing to get done before the year is over? However you feel—and perhaps both sentiments resonate with you!—there are giving tools to make supporting Food For Free faster, easier, and more enjoyable:

The old standby: Donate by mail

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Donating by mail: tried and true!

If you'd like to give by mail, you can mail your check to Food For Free, 11 Inman Street, Cambridge, MA 02139. If you're on our postal mailing list, you can expect a letter from us this week with a return envelope to make donating even easier!

The Five-Minute Option: Donate online

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Donating online: fast, easy, secure!

Fast, easy, and secure through our partner, Network for Good: to donate by credit card, just click here! DonateNow

Scheduled donations: as easy as it gets!

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Monthly giving: easy and impactful!

An increasing number of our supporters have chosen to spread their giving throughout the year. It can be easier on the budget, and it’s so, so easy to set up! Click to schedule a monthly or quarterly contribution, and simply select the frequency you prefer.

For investors: Donate securities

SP + VB Thank You

Donating securities: Email Sasha for info!

If you have appreciated stocks or mutual funds you have held for over a year, donating them can allow you to avoid capital gains tax on these securities. Email Sasha to get the details you’ll need!

At work: Payroll deductions and Employer Matches


Giving at work: a way to deepen your impact!

Harvard, MIT, and many other employers will let you deduct donations right from your paycheck. You can typically choose whether to release your name and contact information to the charity or to keep it private. Many larger companies have matching gift programs, including Amgen, Liberty Mutual, Google, and Microsoft. Your employer may have one, too! Ask your HR department if you’re not sure.

Thinking Ahead: Planned Giving

Young volunteers harvesting at our Field of Greens.

Young volunteers harvesting at our Field of Greens.

By naming Food For Free as a beneficiary in your will or on your insurance policy, you can ensure that access to healthy foods will continue for generations to come.
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