Silent auction preview: locavore’s dream!

Today's post is by guest blogger Julie Croston It’s less than a month to go from a party you won’t want to miss. I just got my tickets today. Be forewarned, there may be a risk of a stampede for this category of goodies: Locavore’s Dream. If you love your local farmer’s markets and the urban ag initiatives underfoot in Camberville and Greater Boston, you’ll definitely love this line-up! For starters, our southern neighbors Westport Rivers Vineyard and Winery is donating a private tour and tasting for up to 10. You’ll get a great get-out-of-city experience with a fourth-generation family of winegrowers as your hosts. “Fireside Chat,” aka a tasting for two, at The Fireplace Restaurant will be a respite you can keep in your back pocket for a chilly winter Saturday evening. Local produce, New England micro-brews, and American wines are part of the package along with discussions of the foodie sort. Yum! Since my family has two big birthdays ending in zero coming up soon, the next item is definitely on my short list—a six-course, plated private dinner for 10 at Season to Taste Catering in North Cambridge. Wine pairings with each course, which the chef will serve personally. Can't attend the Party? NEW THIS YEAR: you can submit an absentee bid for this and other featured items! If you’re more of the a la carte type, check these out: local food staples Cabot Creamery and Effie’s Homemade have each donated assortments of their goods (cheese and crackers!). Add to this spread a donation from MEM Tea Imports—a sampler of Irish Breakfast (Assam), Mark's Chai Spice, and Crimson Berry plus an enamel-and-stainless-steel teapot—and you’ve got a heck of a triple bill for a cozy indoor picnic (screening of classic-movie-of-your-choice not included).        Last but not least, friend of Food for Free J.J. Gonson, (I think I can safely say she’s a locavore’s locavore ) has offered a Cuisine En Locale voucher that will surely be overbid—for a week’s worth of personally prepared meals made with ingredients sourced solely from New England. They’re heat-and-eat, but prepared from scratch. Move over, Mr. Birdseye! What are you waiting for? Get your tickets today! Party Under the Harvest Moon Friday, October 25
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