Rini Templeton

Board member Janet Murray stopped by the other day with the book "The Art of Rini Templeton." Rini was an artist and activist who traveled through the U.S. and Central America creating art to be used by people struggling for justice. She allowed her work to be used for free by community groups and non-profits. The truck in Food For Free's logo is one of Rini's works. Since her death in 1986, her family and friends decided to carry on her legacy by making her work available online at http://www.riniart.org/ The home page reads, in part:
In the spirit of Rini Templeton’s life and work, activists serving causes that Rini would have supported are invited to use drawings freely in their leaflets, newsletters, banners and picket signs or for similar non-commercial purposes. Those wishing to use drawings in the production of an item for sale, such as a book, should write to the Rini Templeton Memorial Fund, c/o Elizabeth Martinez, 3545 24th Street, San Francisco, CA 94110. A reasonable fee will be asked, to help maintain this web-site.
I am humbled by this woman's contributions, made to thousands and thousands of activists, many of whom she would never meet. And, I feel so lucky to have finally learned the history of Food For Free's logo, and how it connects us to others working for justice in the world. --Michelle
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