Hey there Riders! Here's some sample text and images you can use to bolster your fundraising efforts!

Sample email text

Feel free to copy, add, subtract, and personalize as you see fit!
Subject: Healthy food for all!

Hello there friends, family, colleagues, compatriots, and loved ones,

I’m writing to share that I'll be riding [10, 25, or 50] miles on September 24th in a fundraising bike ride called the Ride For Food. I am aiming to raise $1000 for Food For Free, a local nonprofit that rescues fresh, healthy food that would otherwise go to waste, and delivers it to pantries and meal programs where it can reach those in need.

I believe that healthy food is not a privilege reserved for those who can afford it...it's for everyone! Can you help me reach my goal? If you're willing and able to contribute, any amount helps, whether it’s $5 or $50 or $500. To donate to my ride, click here. [include a link to your personal fundraising page.]

Last year, Food For Free saved nearly 2 million pounds of fresh, healthy food that would have been wasted, and got that food to people who need it, including low-income families & children, homeless men & women, seniors & people with disabilities, people in recovery from substance abuse—in short, all kinds of people who could use a helping hand. I'm excited to make a big impact through the Ride for Food! Thanks for reading, and for contributing in any way you can.

Happy spring!

[Your sign-off!]

P.S. If you could share my fundraising page with others, I'd appreciate it!

Social media ideas

  • Give an update on how you're doing. For example:
    • "Whoo! $100 raised so far for Produce Rescue!"
    • "I'm about a quarter of the way to my goal! Thanks to everyone who's donated so far."
    • "$230 raised so far, $770 to go...if you want to help ensure healthy food for all, you can donate to my Ride for Food here: [LINK to your fundraising page]

  • Thank people for donating!
    • "I've gotten my first donation for the Ride for Food (thanks, Mom!) so I'm off to a great start."
    • "Big thanks to [NAME] and [NAME] for donating to my Ride for Food. Thank you for helping bridge the gap between waste and want! Anyone else who wants to contribute can do so here: [LINK]"

IMAGES TO SHARE via email or social media

Here are a few images you might use for email or social media. Don't forget to include a direct link to your fundraising page!

Facebook cover image:


Shareable images for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc:

2016 RFF square image2  

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