Over a million: Food For Free by the numbers

We’ve completed our end-of-year numbers, and we’re pleased as punch to share what you helped us do last year. Drum roll, please!

HOW MUCH FOOD did we distribute?

mil poundsThrough our Produce Rescue and Delivery program, we distributed 1,030,000 lbs of food in 2013. We were able to provide the equivalent of about 22,559 more meals in 2013 than in 2012.

How much of that food was RESCUED?

rescueOf that 1,030,000 lbs of food, 722,000 lbs were rescued from grocery stores, farms, and other sources. That’s about 509,000 meals’ worth of food that might otherwise have been composted or thrown out, but instead was delivered into the hands of people who need it via our recipient agencies.

How much FRESH PRODUCE did we distribute?

produceIn 2013, 70% of the food we distributed was fresh fruits and vegetables, injecting 2,876,516 servings of fresh produce into the emergency food system, where it can reach those who need it. By prioritizing fresh fruits and vegetables, our programs address not only hunger, but also nutrition, obesity, and diet-related disease.

How many hours did VOLUNTEERS give?

volunteersIn 2013, over 100 volunteers gave 2,000 hours in support of Food For Free—the hourly equivalent of one full-time employee. You weeded and watered at Field of Greens, packed boxes for Home Delivery, helped with mailings and administrative tasks at our office, and hauled boxes at our Farmers’ Market pickups. Thank you so much for sharing your time with us!

How many DONORS supported us?

donorsIn 2013, we received contributions from 960 individuals, businesses, and foundations. To all of our donors, please know that it’s because of your steady, passionate support that we are able to do all that we do.

Thank you for helping us bridge the gap between waste and want in 2013, and here's looking at you, 2014!

 *4/29/14: Some numbers above updated to reflect more accurate information received after initial publication.
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