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Edited June 4, 2014: This position is now filled. To apply for this position, please send a resume and cover letter--describing your interest in this position and why you believe you would be a good fit--to Include “Operations Director” in the subject line. Applications will be accepted through the end of May 2014. Small truck 2014 The Operations Director is a full-time, salaried position that reports to the Executive Director and is a key player in Food For Free’s day-to-day operations and our overall ability to achieve our mission. S/he will be aligned with the goals and mission of the organization and provide input on vision, strategy, and execution. S/he will be responsible for working with the Executive and Development Director to identify and implement new programs that further serve our mission. The Operations Director will develop an in-depth knowledge of our client base/workflow and will have the ability to drive customer satisfaction and employee performance and morale. S/he will work with the staff, our food donors, and our recipient agencies, planning and enhancing our processes, pick-up and delivery routes and maintaining positive relationships with all. Our operations’ staff (4 drivers and 2 assistant drivers) will report directly to the Operations Director. The Operations Director will act as backup for the Executive Director when necessary. S/he will develop an in-depth understanding of the organization as a whole and be capable of driving decisions and supporting day-to-day operations in the case of the Executive Director’s absence.

Essential Functions: 1. Operations Management

a. Ensure Food For Free achieves its operational goals b. Track food purchases, pick-ups and deliveries on a regular basis to ensure we are tracking to budget and delivery goals–propose and implement changes where necessary c. Review, organize, and improve pick-up & delivery schedules/routes d. Ride with staff at least twice weekly, assisting in pickups and deliveries e. Act as back-up driver when staff is out f. Place twice weekly orders to the Greater Boston Food Bank, ensuring coolers and pantry are adequately stocked g. Update and maintain operations database, ensure all food recipient/donor information is up-to-date and identify new reports to better leverage the data in the system h. Home Delivery Management i. Administer Home Delivery program – coordinate volunteers for home delivery shifts, update new and existing clients in the database, generate delivery routes and reports, communicate updates to home delivery driver ii. Primary driver for Home Delivery for 2nd Saturday/Sunday deliveries each month

2. Staff Development

a. Ensure staff has the tools, information and processes necessary to do their jobs and propose and implement changes where necessary. b. Engage/educate operations staff on other aspects of the organization and keep them abreast of new developments c. Solicit staff input on new and existing programs; drive feedback through the organization d. Set and manage goals for operations staff, providing regular feedback and guidance

3. Customer Relationships

a. Develop an understanding of food donor/recipient needs and expectations b. Build, develop, and maintain positive relationships with both new and existing food donors/recipients c. Communicate with agencies, drivers, and Executive Director as needed to solve problems effectively d. Ensure communication is positive, resolute, and helpful e. Proactively address and resolve immediate issues and/or systemic problems

4. Organizational Development

a. Participate in crafting a business strategy that is coherent, relevant, and achievable b. Working with the Executive and Development Directors, help set goals for amount of food moved across our programs c. Identify and propose additional metrics for measurement of impact and success d. Regularly assess operational capacity and market opportunities in collaboration with Executive and Development Director e. In collaboration with Executive and Development Directors, identify, design, and implement new programs to further our mission

5. Executive Director Support

a. Develop in-depth understanding of all aspects of the organization b. Act as back-up to Executive Director in the case of her absence

Skills and Requirements

1. Leadership/Management experience 2. Logistics management experience 3. Truck maintenance/purchasing experience (plus) 4. Budgeting experience (plus) 5. Experience with not-for-profit (work, volunteer, other) 6. Must be able to lift 50 pounds repeatedly and load and unload our trucks 7. Must be able to drive 18 foot truck through small city streets or be willing to learn 8. Strong rational and analytical ability – critical thinking a must 9. Confidence and decisiveness balanced with an open, collaborative work ethic 10. Meticulous attention to detail and due diligence in executing work and solving problems 11. Excellent interpersonal/relationship skills - be a proactive communicator, and be comfortable working with people from diverse ethnic, educational, and professional backgrounds 12. Ability to connect empathically with the needs of co-workers and the needs of customers 13. Self-directed and focused - Ability to work independently, set and meet deadlines and benchmarks without external prompting 14. Strategic thinker – able to understand big picture and communicate how individuals, programs and tasks serve overall mission

Ops Dir Job Summary
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