Meet Alanna!

Meet Alanna Mallon, Food For Free's new Program Director! Alanna may be best known around these parts as the founder of the Cambridge Weekend Backpack Program (recently adopted by Food For Free!) However, Alanna has many skills: prior to coming to work for Food For Free, she was the Education Liaison in the Office of the Mayor at Cambridge City Hall, and before that, she worked as a children's clothing designer.

On what inspired her to create the Cambridge Weekend Backpack Program:

"I was coming home one day, and heard a story on NPR about children who may not have had enough to eat over the weekends, and how Mondays were really hard for them...and winter break was a long time for them to be away from the school cafeteria, which was where they got most of their nutrition. This story came on right after Christmas, and I felt like, "Gosh, I just spent all that time eating with my family, going to this party or that party"—and I still felt a little full. The thought that these kids had just spent the 12 days over break hungry was really upsetting. And both of my children were in the public schools, and I thought, "What if some of their friends had just spent 12 days with not a lot to eat?"

A day in the life of a Program Director:

Follow Alanna in this short video as she fills weekend backpacks and visits the Graham & Parks Food Market:
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