Keeping the Food Moving

We're all struggling to deal with the endless snow. Many of us have cars to dig out, or we rely on the MBTA to get to work, or we have to struggle up and down snow banks as we make our way on foot. We've had kids out of school, had to reschedule meetings once, twice, three times, had to climb up on roofs to save them from collapse.
A man poses at the back of the Food For Free truck. In front of him is a large snowbank.

Which way to the truck? Just step around this snowbank...

But my guess is, most of us reading this blog have had food. Maybe we stood in line for close to an hour, three weekends in a row, to load up at Trader Joe's, or maybe we climbed snow banks and slipped on sidewalks to go to the winter farmers' market on a Saturday. Or, maybe we spent a snowy Monday making beef stew or baking cookies. In any case, for many of us, the challenge of this weather has likely *not* been "How am I going to eat? How am I going to feed my family?". However, that is the challenge for many of our neighbors. Three Mondays in a row, and in some cases Tuesdays as well, kids—many of whom rely on school lunch and snacks to fill their bellies—have been stuck at home where often shelves are bare. Some emergency food programs—food pantries, meal programs, etc.—that these same families rely on have also been closed due to weather. Many low-income workers have spent many extra hours commuting and picking up children by T, or lost income because they couldn't get to workHunger is a challenge these families face year round, but the challenge is multiplied when this kind of weather hits. So I want to give a HUGE shout out to the Food For Free drivers who are keeping the food moving! In the past three weeks, there have been only two working days where our trucks weren't on the road. We rescheduled last week's Monday Home Delivery to Sunday and Simon came down from Vermont to make sure our clients received food. Our drivers have been heading out day after day in bitter cold, driving down narrow streets, climbing snow banks with box upon box of food, to ensure we continue to capture the available food from our donors and get that food to the programs that are open and to the people that most need it.
A smiling man in winter clothing holds two boxes while standing in front of a van marked Food For Free.

Food For Free Driver Adam Collins keeps the produce moving...with a smile! 🙂

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