Home Delivery Recipes

Food For Free's Home Delivery program currently brings food to 60 low-income Cambridge residents who cannot access food pantries due to illness or disability. Each month, we deliver 40-45 pounds of food to seniors and people with disabilities, so they can cook their own food. Beginning last November, recipients started receiving a healthy recipe along with their monthly delivery, featuring one of the items from the box. Home Delivery Driver Simon has been picking one item to highlight from the box each month, focusing on items that may not be familiar to everyone, such as collard greens and turnips. We try to pick recipes that are healthy and easy to prepare, especially because movements such as chopping or peeling can be difficult for some of our clients. Our goal is to provide simple ways to prepare unknown foods, increasing the chance that recipients will cook and eat a wider range of fruits and vegetables. This can lead not only to healthier diets, but to less wasted food, as well. ---Blake Roberts
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