Help Families Eat Well, All Winter Long

Michael* is a survivor. He lived through polio as a child and now walks with crutches. Sixty-seven years old, he still cooks for himself, but getting groceries up to his apartment is a challenge. Michael also has type-two diabetes, but with only his Social Security benefits to rely on, he struggles to buy the healthy foods his doctor wants him to eat. Last June, Michael learned about Food For Free’s Home Delivery program. Now, thanks to your support, Michael gets food delivered right to his kitchen table every month. September’s box included three kinds of fresh fruit, and five different vegetables—20 pounds of produce in all—as well as meat, milk, juice, bread, oil, beans, and rice. Home Delivery means that people like Michael—who are disabled or elderly and chronically ill—can still choose to cook their own meals. They can live independently, while getting the help they need to eat well and take care of their health. Rachel lost her job three years ago after ten years as an engineer. Her husband, a programmer, lost his the following year, leaving them struggling to feed their two kids. While he looked for work, Rachel applied for WIC, and SNAP, but the benefits aren’t enough to keep her family fed. Your contributions have helped Produce Rescue to reach more than 80 food programs this year, including the pantry that Rachel relies on to feed her family. Your support means that Food For Free can also serve meal programs, emergency shelters, special-needs residences, day-care centers, and after-school programs. As winter approaches, families face tough choices. Between medical bills, the cost of heating, and the need for winter coats, food budgets can get pinched. But, with your help, Food For Free can help families to eat well, all winter long. By bringing fresh fruit and vegetables to food pantries, meal programs, shelters, day-care centers, and after-school programs, we make it possible for families to eat right even when money is tight. Please make a contribution today. * Food For Free always changes names and/or identifying details to protect the privacy of the people we assist.
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