Food For Free is expanding our Board of Directors!

Update: Wow! That really worked! We have so many exciting candidates that we must stop accepting new applications at this time. We're seeking new applicants for our Board of Directors! Does this sound like you or someone you know?

About Food For Free

Food For Free improves access to healthy food within our community by rescuing food that would otherwise go to waste, strengthening the community food system, and creating new distribution channels to reach underserved populations. We have grown significantly over the past four years:
  • in 2014, we launched our Prepared Food Rescue program, with Whole Foods Market and Harvard University as our inaugural Prepared Food donors
  • in January 2016, we adopted the Cambridge Weekend Backpack Program, which sends nearly 400 kids home with kid-friendly meals each weekend
  • in Spring of 2016, we launched Family Meals, an innovative new way to distribute surplus prepared foods
This organization is deeply rooted in its community. New regulations like the Massachusetts organics waste ban and the EPA’s food waste reduction goals bring great challenge and great opportunity to grow our mission. As we respond to these opportunities for growth, we remain committed to building on financially solid footing.

About potential board candidates

We are seeking board applicants who are passionate about environmental wellbeing and alleviating food insecurity. We look for members who have access to resources—financial, personal and professional networks, and/or relationships with organizations with surplus food—that want to support the ongoing growth of Food For Free. We seek folks who have entrepreneurial chops—who can help us envision opportunity, articulate next steps, adjust as necessary, and work with just-in-time resources. We seek folks who are filled with compassion for those who face food insecurity, who are thrilled that nutritious food that would otherwise be composted is instead bounty for those who need it—and are jazzed about fundraising for this worthy cause. We seek folks who are willing to bring their own particular skills and connections to the table. A few examples:
  • Are you a connector?
  • Can you make the case for big gifts confidently?
  • Do you have fast-track access to the right set of ears in government?
  • Are you connected to universities or corporations who will recognize goodwill opportunities to donate their surplus prepared food?
  • Do you have a platform to speak to the issues of food waste and food insecurity and health?
  • Do you have access to large donors or grant funding organizations that will support our mission?

Get in touch!

For more information email Sasha Purpura: To apply for the position, please send a letter of interest discussing your qualifications to Sasha Purpura:
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