Food For Free in 3.5 minutes

Planting at Field of Greens 5.28.2013 I’ve now been with Food For Free almost 10 months. I’ve learned many things about the organization in that time. I’ve seen firsthand how generous our food donors can be, how grateful the food programs we serve are when they receive hundreds of pounds of fresh produce, how hard our staff works and how much they seem to enjoy what they do, and how much effort goes into growing produce on our farm, Field of Greens. But one thing seems to stand out, and perhaps underlies all of the examples I just gave: We attract good people -- whether it’s our staff, our donors, our volunteers, or someone like Alexa Wagner –- a Boston University photojournalism student who approached me one day to ask if she could make a video about Food For Free. When Alexa first made her offer, I was happy to allow her the time she needed and looked forward to having access to a video about our work. But when she delivered the final project, I was surprisingly impressed. She captured the essence of what we do in just 3 ½ minutes and combined that with an amazing talent for photojournalism. Please take a moment to see for yourself and feel free to sign-up on our volunteer page if you, too, are one of those good people we’re so lucky to attract! Video: Food For Free in 3.5 Minutes
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