Family Meals - before and afterLaunched in the spring of 2016, Family Meals re-purposes prepared foods into single-serving meals for people with limited access to kitchens. Family Meals uses surplus foods from university dining halls and other sources, rescued via our Prepared Foods Rescue program. With the work of staff and volunteers, Family Meals turns this food into heat-and-eat meals for:
  • Families sheltered in hotels, without access to kitchens
  • Families with young children who are struggling to put dinner on the table
  • Other populations that face barriers to cooking for themselves
    Family Meals distribution sites, as of Spring 2016:
  • Feastworthy—for families sheltering in motels. A collaboration between Food For Free, Allston Brighton Health Collaborative, Charlesview Inc., Action for Boston Community Development, and Boston Healthcare for the Homeless.
  • Take Home Tuesdays—for low-income families with students at the K-Lo School. A collaboration between the Kennedy-Longfellow School and Food For Free.
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