Current Volunteer Opportunities

Family Meals turns donated, frozen prepared foods into individual heat-and-eat meals for people with limited access to cooking facilities. We supply meals to local K-12 schools, communities colleges, and various other programs that work with homeless people and those facing food insecurity.

What: Tasks include breaking down frozen bulk prepared food, filling meal trays, and sealing and labeling the meals. Volunteers must be comfortable standing for several hours at a time, interested in working with their hands, comfortable handling prepared foods, and attentive and tidy in their work.

When: Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday mornings, 8:45 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

Where: Harvard Square, Cambridge

Questions? Contact Program Manager Fiona Crimmins at

Home Delivery brings twice-monthly boxes of food to homebound seniors and people with disabilities who are unable to access food pantries.

What: Volunteers pack food for delivery and/or accompany the driver on the delivery route. Volunteers must be able to lift 40 pounds and must be comfortable standing for several hours at a time. Volunteers interested in riding on the truck must also able to get into and out of the truck with ease.

7:15-9am Truck assistant shift
9-11am Box packing
11-3pm Truck assistant shift

7:30-10am Box Packing
10-1pm Truck assistant shift
1-4pm Truck assistant shift

7:30-9:30am Box Packing
9:30-2pm Truck assistant shift

Where: 11 Inman St., Cambridge

Questions? Contact Program Director Alanna Mallon at

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