Boston Magazine reports on preventing healthy food from being wasted

Last week, Boston Magazine reported on Food For Free's farmers' market rescue, our new Prepared Foods Rescue program, and the importance of providing healthy food for food insecure families:
“Our mission is to address hunger by capturing healthy food that would otherwise go to waste and distributing it to the emergency food system where it can go to people in need,” Purpura says. “That healthy food aspect is key, because when you’re talking about hunger in America, it can often go hand in hand with obesity. It’s really about a lack of access to nutrition; it’s not just a lack of access to food.” That’s why farmers’ markets are such an integral part of Food For Free’s work—they provide extremely fresh, nutritious food for consumers, while simultaneously aiding farmers. “[Farmers] don’t want to load all these fresh greens into the truck and go back home to give them to the chickens or put them in the compost,” she says. “You’d love to see that food go to people over chickens and compost.”
Read all about it!
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