Boston Globe talks to Doug Rauch of Daily Table and…our own Sasha Purpura!

Thanks to The Boston Globe for reporting on food rescue, hunger, and waste! This article shines a light on the newly-opened nonprofit grocery store Daily Table in Dorchester, and includes comments from our own Sasha Purpura on the value of food rescue:
Daily Table is opening at a time when more companies and organizations are seeking ways to divert extra food, said Sasha Purpura, executive director of Food For Free, a nonprofit based in Cambridge that aims to bridge the gap between food waste and hunger. A state regulation that took effect in October prohibits businesses and institutions from disposing of more than one ton of food waste per week. Purpura said her organization, which picks up surplus food and delivers it to banks and other agencies, has received an influx of calls from groups that want to unload food. Meanwhile, Rauch is raising funds to open two more stores in the Boston area. “What Doug is doing is fantastic,” Purpura said. The reality is that the most expensive foods are the healthiest, and one of the primary foods that is thrown away is produce, because it’s perishable. It’s a way to address food security by taking a resource that would otherwise go to waste.
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