Serving Your Community
Did you know that over 500,000 people in Eastern Massachusetts struggle with food insecurity? That's 1 in 9 members of our community. And yet every day, businesses in Massachusetts throw away thousands of pounds of healthy, edible food. By donating your excess food, you are not only helping the environment, but you are ensuring that many of these people are afforded the same opportunity as you or I – the ability to access healthy food.

Saving Money
In addition to reducing waste disposal costs, donating your excess food may make you eligible for certain tax incentives. The Harvard Food Law and Policy Clinic offers this fact sheet with further information.

Improving Staff Morale
Nobody likes to see good food go to waste. Over the past thirty five years we have seen, first hand, the positive impact that food donation has on an organization's employees. From small family run bakeries to large organizations like Harvard University and Whole Foods, we hear time and time again the gratitude the staff feels when they are able to turn their excess food over to us –knowing it will get to people in need- rather than throwing it to compost or landfill.

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